For Every Light Need

Whether you’re looking for lighting (pendant lighting to chandeliers to flush mounts) or fans, our Safety Quick Light technology, already installed on these appliances, makes switching your style fast and easy.

Upgrade Your Home

Safety Quick Light plug-in technology makes installation safer and faster.

Upgrade Your Business

Safety Quick Light reduces installation time, getting contracts completed quickly.


The right lighting can transform any home or office into the unique room you’re looking to create. It can offer a sense of safety or promote productivity, which is why having the ability to easily switch your lighting fixtures is important.



While fans serve an important function in our everyday lives, there’s no reason to skip out on style. Mix and match our fans to create an appliance that will keep you cool while adding personality to your home or office.

Safety Quick Light Devices

The Safety Quick Light device makes installing lighting and fans fixtures as easy as plugging in a lamp.



Safety Quick Light is a patented, quick connect device used in the installation of lighting fixtures and celling fans.


Questions about how Safety Quick Light works and where to buy our products?