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Safety Quick Light is available several ways:

  • Female Receptacle and Male Plug available as individual components.
  • Sold as Retro-fit kits to easily convert traditional lighting and fans.
  • Pre-installed into all types of lighting fixtures – including chandeliers, holiday themed lighting, wall and ceiling flush mounts – as well as outdoor lighting.



Certified to both UL and CSA Standards.
Applicable Requirements:
UL 498 – Attachment Plugs and Receptacles
UL 355 – Cord Reels
UL 507 – Electric Fans
UL 1598 – Lighting Fixtures
CSA C22.2 No. 42 – General Use Receptacles

Approved for use in both the US and Canada

Electrical Rating: 120V, 60 Hz, 5A, 600 Watts

Suitable for Luminaires – 50 lbs.
Suitable for Ceiling Fans – 35 lbs.

Certified and Tested to a 200 lb Load
Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Use




The Safety Quick Light system is available on new lighting fixtures and ceiling fans.

Several companies have already integrated this revolutionary technology into their lighting fixture and ceiling fan program and are currently supplying the SQL Quick connect system pre-installed on their product line. Look for lighting fixtures and ceiling fans with the Safety Quick Light System.



The female receptacle requires a 1 time installation only. Once the female receptacle is installed into the outlet box, the lighting fixture or ceiling fan requires no additional wiring for installation – and the receptacle never has to be replaced. Any fixture or fan with an SQL Male plug can be used with the installed receptacle with just the press of a button.  The Female Receptacle is supplied with push-in terminals and easily connects to the house wiring. Suitable for all types of lighting /ceiling fan outlet boxes – round, rectangular, pancake – fits all shapes and sizes. 



The male plug attaches to the light fixture or ceiling fan and is suitable for 18 AWG stranded wire.


Coverplates UL Listed -
Safe to Use


Cover plates can be used to cover up the receptacle box when the light fixture or ceiling fan is removed from the ceiling and not in use.

Great to use during… painting, remodeling, storms (hurricanes). For new home construction, fixtures and fans can be installed at a later date. The cover plate safely covers up the outlet box.

Chandelier Retrofit Kit

Model CCK2


Easily convert your light fixture to the Safety Quick Light Technology

Attach the chandelier chain from your light fixture to the Safety Quick Light Canopy using the adjustable chain link provided with the kit. Route the wire up into the canopy –and attach the wire to the male plug.

Available in many finishes and colors to match your chandelier!

Ceiling Fan Retrofit Kit

Model CFK-1


Easily convert your ceiling fan to the

Safety Quick Light technology.

Attach your fan motor and downrod to the Retrofit Canopy. The SQL Canopy is supplied with the male plug and receptacle for quick installation. Available in many colors & finishes to match your fan. Great to use on ceiling fans for quick installation and removal.


Kit includes:
Fan Canopy with push button
Male Plug
Female Receptacle
Mounting Screws / washers

General Kit

For surface mount (wall / ceiling) – center stem fixtures

Model RKCM-1

Easily convert your surface mount fixture to the Safety Quick Light technology.

Parts are included in the kit to attach the male plug to a variety of canopies with center stem mounting.




An example of a canopy with center stem mounting is as shown:


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