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Contact:  Dianna Duehr Smoljan


Patty Barron

Safety Quick Light LLC






Company Name:

Safety Quick Light LLC


Company Address:

500 Sun Valley Drive

Suite G-1

Roswell, GA  30076



Company Locations:

Corporate Headquarters:

Roswell, GA


Satellite Office

Miami, FL


Manufacturing Facility:

Qiao Tou Town, Dong Guan,
Guang Dong Province, China

Primary Contacts:

Ran Roland (Rani) Kohen, Inventor

President and Chief Executive Officer


Patricia (Patty) Barron,

Chief Operations Officer


Company Background:















Safety Quick Light was originally formed by Rani Kohen who was then joined by a group of investors and engineers in Israel to develop the safe quick-connect lighting concept.  The product was under development for several years.  In the late 1990s, Mr. Kohen, the inventor of the product, moved to the United States and formed Safety Quick Light LLC to pursue a product patent and to market the device. 


The company holds a number of worldwide patents on the product and has recently received a variety of final electrical code approvals, including UL-Listing and CSA approval (for the US and Canadian markets), and CE (for the European market).

The SQL device is currently available in a variety of hardware and home improvement stores in the United States, Canada, Europe and China.


Rani Kohen Bio:

Mr. Kohen grew up in Israel, opening his first lighting store there at the age of 21.  Over the next several years, he became owner of a retail chain of lighting stores throughout Israel, and owned a successful real estate company, as well.  He began developing with initial SQL device in the early 1990s, together with a team of engineers and investors.


After moving to the United States with his family in the late 1990s to found Safety Quick Lights as an LLC, he continued to lead the development of the company and the SQL device, pursuing a product patent and various industry standards certifications.  He presently serves as the company’s President and CEO.


Mr. Kohen also continues to be involved in various significant real estate ventures in the Miami area, including the Jockey Club & Marina.


Patty Barron Bio:

Ms. Barron began her career in the lighting industry in 1982 working as a project handler in the Lighting and Fans category for Underwriters Laboratories (UL), where she was involved with test procedures, requirements, coding, and many other elements related to industry standards.


She then worked for Catalina Lighting, one of the early importers of lighting from China.  In 1989, she obtained an MBA in International Business from Georgia State University.  Shortly thereafter, she became President of LTG Services, her own consulting agency and test lab for safety approvals of electrical products. 


After learning about the SQL device in 2003, she sold a portion of her test lab in order to work on the SQL product development and market introduction full-time.  She has been the Safety Quick Light Chief Operating Officer since 2004.


Product Name:

Safety Quick Light


Product Description:

The patented SQL Safety Quick connection device can install, in seconds, to any light fixture / ceiling fan (large or small) weighing up to 400 lbs and provides both the electrical and mechanical connection in one system.  The two-part device consists of a female receptacle which installs into all junction boxes, and a male plug which is pre-installed in the lighting fixture/ceiling fan.  The connection device allows for safe, quick and easy installation of lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, eliminating the need to deal with or touch electrical wires.



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